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Historical mystery surrounds the Great Pyramid at Giza. For our purposes who built it, when and how is not as important as answering how one can use it to achieve higher states of consciousness and what important information does it give us? Although, if it was built with a purpose of mystical initiation, then the builders must have been masters of consciousness, and their lineage bares investigating. I believe these great sorcerers were able to harness a strange power allowing them to levitate the massive blocks.

Each of the pyramid's three main chambers appear to have been used in initiation rites with the shape and placement functioning as consciousness alterers like Native American kivas. Furthermore, prophesies utilizing the "pyramid inch" as one year starting in 2141 BCE seem correct. Many books explain and believe this aspect of the Great Pyramid, but I reference Peter Lemesurier's The Great Pyramid Decoded. Lemesurier follows other pyramidologists by asserting that the pyramid predicted the Moses Exodus and Jesus Christ by the layout of the passageways.

As a Urantia Book reader, I figured that if those historical religious events were prophesied, then perhaps others were too. The following discussion presupposes that the reader already possesses a decent understanding of pyramidology. An introduction to sacred geometry helps when investigating the pyramid.
Lemesurier found that Christ is at the center of the passageways of the Great Pyramid:

Christ at center of Great Pyramid

However, his choice of the center, Point 'A', appears slightly off. The designers' center seems to be a crosshair formed vertically from the wall of the start of the Grand Gallery and the Wellshaft and horizontally as the passage to the Queen's Chamber to the Limestone Gable near the entrance. The length of the Grand Gallery seems to trace a radius. My red dots show key places where this radius intersects passages on the diagram.

The center point represents Jesus Christ, around 4 BCE to 30 AD. The end of the Grand Gallery represents about 1940 AD and the end of Christ's Fourth Epochal Revelation and the start of the Fifth Epochal Revelation: The Urantia Book. The Urantia Book is represented as the "hidden step" (see image below) leading up to the level of the King's Chamber. Thus, the Great Pyramid predicts The Urantia Book!

Moving clockwise along this hypothetical circle, which fits between Lemesurier's two inner circles ("Zone Two" in the diagram above), we hit the King's Chamber North ventilation shaft directly above the center Christ point. Next, we intersect the Queen's Chamber North ventilation shaft right when it exits the pyramid. Then the circle meets the limestone gable, and after that it hits the entrance shaft a bit past the Scored Lines representing the start of the timeline. If the timeline starts at 2141 BCE, then the circle intersection is about 1980 BCE: the time of Melchizedek according to The Urantia Book. Thus, the Great Pyramid predicts Melchizedek.

The circle then intersects the entrance passageway again at about 780 AD. This may not represent anything substantial, expect perhaps an event with the Maya in the New World. The circle then intersects the wellshaft right at its lowermost bend. And finally, the circle just touches the furthest point of the Queen's Chamber roof, which in my mind means that the circle of Christ surrounds the church.

Lemesurier claims, "They [spiritual developments marked out by the Subterranean Chamber] include a remarkable but short-lived spiritual or moral revival between 1930 and 1937, and a period of strong spiritual influences starting in 1936, culminating in around 1945 and terminating in 1955." (pp.152-3) The Urantia Book was first published in 1955 with the revelation starting a few decades earlier.
Thanks to The Urantia Book, one can understand what the pyramid predicts as our planet's spiritual events. First Melchizedek preached about 2000 BCE. Then, Moses and the Exodus are represented by the granite plugs at the start of the ascending passage. The three granite "girdles" (pictured above as the three pairs of green dots) represent the Buddha and two other major spiritual teachers (take your pick) around the world at that time period.

Then, of course, is Jesus Christ, who initiated the Queen's Chamber passage. I say the Queen's Chamber corresponds to the Church, a spiritual path but not the ultimate one. The Great Step seems to represent the industrial age with the Hidden Step as The Urantia Book. The end of the limestone step represents 2000 AD.

The Granite Leaf, which starts about 2012, stands for the next major spiritual influence. Note that virtually the only symbol in the whole pyramid (contrasting with all actual ancient Egyptians tombs) is a small arc or rainbow symbol one inch thick on the Gallery side of the Granite Leaf. This symbol is not seen directly since it touches the limestone, appearing to seal the granite leaf above ground. It looks like the top half of a circle.

Thinking of the December 21, 2012 imagery as the date that completes some major cycle(s), I think of the symbol as half of a sine wave. As cycles are often represented by sine waves, it looks like the Pyramid tells us that this time will be the completion of cycles. It could also represent the end point as zero amplitude, such as the Earth's magnetic field dropping to zero for a day.

Antechamber of Pyramid as Present Day

I agree with Lemesurier that granite represents the spiritual and that the next three pairs of grooves indicates three more granite blocks, three major spiritual teachers, will descend to earth. I believe this means that we will receive four major "bestowals" in the next century or so. One will be the Magisterial Son, one will be Christ Michael's return and presumably two will be Teacher Sons. Of course, who knows the order in which they will occur? I suggest that since the blocks themselves are not there except for the first one, only the first of these high spiritual beings will incarnate and be born as a babe. The others will materialize as adults similar to Melchizedek.

The King's Chamber with its prefect dimensions represents the Era of Light and Life, which will start in a few centuries!

Many pyramidologists believe the two South (left) ventilation shafts point to the constellation Sagittarius, which points to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The Urantia Book, aside from claiming that Imhotep built the pyramid (p894 80:6:4), claims that the entrance passageway points to the Pole Star (p1044 95:2:8), which then was Thuban in the constellation Draco.

Kochab (part of the Little Dipper) in Ursa Minor is another star pyramidologists claim a North ventilation shaft points to. Since Thuban is already represented by the entrance passage, the second North ventilation shaft must point to a third star. Using my intuition I claim this third star is in the constellation Pegasus.

Since "the Christ circle" intersects the three North passageways/shafts at key points, I suggest that the midpoint of the three constellations Draco, Ursa Minor and Pegasus point to Jesus Christ's home world of Salvington. John Causland estimates that our Milky Way Galaxy contains 100 local universes, but I intuit that number as more like 200. If the South shafts point to the center of the galaxy then the direction of Salvington is roughly straight up, galaxy-wise.

Considering that the galaxy is about 1,000 light-years thick where we are, and that our planet is quite near the middle thickness-wise, the headquarters of Nebadon could be 500 or so light-years up. Of course, getting to Salvington is a spiritual journey, but it is interesting to hypothesize the boundaries of our local universe. It does help us remember that the way to God is through Jesus Christ.

Copyright 2010 by Douglas Klimesh