ABX Double Blind Test Results: Phono Cartridges

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SMWTMS ABX Test Results

Phono Cartridge ComparisonResultCorrectp less thanListeners
Shure V-15III vs. AT-20 SLA Same 81 / 155 = 52%-11
Shure V-15III vs. Sonus Blue Different 104 / 169 = 62%0.00513
Shure V-15III vs. Shure M70B Different 107 / 141 = 76%0.00059
Shure V-15III vs. AKG PE8S Same 11 / 16 = 69%0.151

The first three phono cartridge tests used separate but identical turntables, a Technics number with servo motor. Identical stamper number pressings were synchronized by aligning the stamped disc numbers with a tab stuck on the turntable's rim. One person would start the discs, monitor the tabs, and listen to a set of headphones monitoring one turntable in one ear and the other turntable in the other ear in order to trim one turntable's pace as the ABX listening proceeded. The turntable watcher sometimes lost it entirely, tossed his headphones on the floor instead of allowing his head to spin, and the test was restarted. This first three tests used identical phono pre-amps. The last test used the RM-2 relay module which could switch phono cartridge level signals without a pop or buzz.
The comparisons of the Shure V-15III vs. AT-20 SLA, Sonus Blue, and Shure M70B were heard on AR-5's. The Shure V-15-III vs. AKG PE8S comparison was played on a pair of Webb transmission lines that were a construction project in The Audio Amateur. They used KEF drivers, T27, B110, and B139.

Different The different symbol means it is unlikely the percent correct score occurred by chance and thus the null hypothesis was disproven, which substantiates a real difference in sound quality.
Same The same symbol means that it is likely the correct score occurred by chance, the null hypothesis is not rejected, which means no difference was found. It does remain possible a difference may be substantianted with further testing.

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